Above: "Urbanmoves"

Free digital compositions often started with one or two photographies worked out with more or less 100 steps of copying and pasting, coloring, setting brush strokes, perhaps lines, some decoloring, coloring, stretching, detailed form and color changing, copying one artpiece into another one, making it tranparent, giving some contrast, sizing and rezising, etc. until the shown image is done and not one of the original photographic pixels is left. Associatings of the world around and its reflections. Often a kind of fantastic situation where everything seems to make a kind of new sense. - At the end they are digitally created art works to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the signed TIFF file in high resolution together with all copyrights documented and printit according to your own plans. Immo at http://galeriejalass.tripod.com serving the world culture daily. You are invited. Comments are welcome. Thanks for your interest.


Above: "Illucity3f"

Above: "Late urbansmove7"